Food Safety for Catering

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Food Safety for Catering – an online training course by Punyam Academy – will provide you knowledge about effective food safety culture development in the catering business. It also guides with personal hygiene, pest control, sanitization and cleaning practices and food hazards.

Food Safety for Catering


This course on Food Safety for Catering – online training presents the characteristics and application of Food Safety and HACCP principles with general requirements for effective food safety culture in catering business. It will be helpful for users to gain knowledge and understanding of various food safety hazards, food safety culture and its implementation, etc. Other than this, it includes personnel hygiene practices and training, cleaning and sanitizing practices, pest control for food catering services providers. This food safety for catering training course presents principles of HACCP - Hazard Analytics Critical Control Points that helpful to learn how to prevent, eliminate, or reduce hazards to levels that protect public health. Finally, this course also describes what is food allergy and food allergens that will help to prevent the health of the customers using their services. In a short time, this course will satisfy the training needs of individuals seeking basic knowledge with training certification for food safety for catering food sector organizations.

Content Covered in the Food Safety for Catering - Training Course

This Food Safety for Catering – an online training and certification course contains video tutorials recorded by an experienced team of food safety system implementers and trainers. For a better understanding of the food safety topics, literature/handouts in .pdf format are also provided as an easy download.

  • Session 1: Personal Hygiene to be Followed in Catering
  • Session 2: The Basic Conditions to Achieve Food Safety- PRP
  • Session 3: Food Safety Hazards in Catering
  • Session 4: Food Allergen
  • Session 5: Food Safety Culture in Catering
  • Session 6: HACCP System - In general for catering
  • Session 7: Pest Control in Catering Activities
  • Session 8: Cleaning and Sanitization Practices

Each of the above eight sessions consists of modules such as video tutorial/lectures, hand-outs and online exams as below:

  1. Videos / Lectures:
    The recorded video tutorials of online training on food safety for catering given by experienced food safety system trainers on important topics are given in this course. On key subjects, audio-visual presentations are also available to access on online learning management platform, gives detailed information about the subject.
  2. Handouts:
    The handouts with more than 100 pages in PDF format are provided that covered each of the above eight sessions. The participants of this food safety for food catering - training course can download handouts to their system for future reference. They can read the handouts offline, anytime and anywhere.
  3. Online Exams:
    The participants of this online food safety course will be required to clear all the session exams and one final exam, which are given as a part of the course. After successfully passing the final exam, his/her auto-generated Certificate for Food Safety for Catering will be issued and can be downloaded and printed from the dashboard.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this online food safety course are to increase your knowledge and understanding of:

  • Effective personal hygiene practices
  • Identifying the biological, chemical, and physical hazards in the food catering establishment
  • Determine, write, and validate adequate controls for those hazards
  • HACCP principles and their importance for catering
  • Implementation of effective food safety culture in catering services
  • Cleaning, Sanitization and Pest Control process
  • Food Allergy and Food Allergens

Who Can Enrol In This Course?

This course is for all those who need or want to gain knowledge about the personal hygiene practices and food safety concepts for the catering business as well as understand to develop an effective food safety culture in a food catering establishment.

 In particular, this course is useful for:

  • Food Safety Manager / Supervisor / Staff of any food catering business
  • Food safety team members
  • Anyone who wants to know about food safety in a catering establishment
  • Food caterers who want to know how to maintain personal hygiene and cleaning process as well as implement food safety in the work area.


There is no prerequisite for joining this course; however, the following will be helpful for better understanding and utilization of this course:

  • General awareness of personal hygiene and food safety.
  • Ability to understand instructions in simple English.


For details of the authors, trainers and instructors experience and background, please visit our trainers page. They have very rich experience on the subject.


This e-Learning course is provided with study materials and you can read it after your log in or download (PDF format). Use the study materials to reinforce key points and to keep a reminder of what you already learned as well as you can save it in your computer for future reference. The access of this study material is removed after exam is cleared and on line certificate is prepared for the student.


All paid E-learning course includes the Course Certificate that is issued upon course completion and passing the session exams as well as a final exam given in the course with minimum 60% marks. The option to reappear in the exam is also given to student, if failed in any exam.


After completing the session and passing each session examination the student can appear for final exam. Once the final exam is cleared then it is considered a end of course. The training certificate is ready on our LMS and student can print it or save the training certificate. It is also available for verification by entering the name and certificate number.

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What Our Customer Says...

Blaizon C Mathai
Abu Dhabi, UAE

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude in introducing this program. Course material and presentations very valuable indeed and informative too. Even presentations made in simple language

Maria Garcia
California, USA

Great e-learning course by Punyam Academy, easy to use and learning can be done at your own pace. Material and content provided is exceptional. I would definitely recommend to anyone

Paul Thompson
South Africa

My first online course experience and it was pleasant to attend PAS102. I found the course to be very thorough and covered all aspects that are needed to carry out auditing.

Mary Smith
Dubai, UAE

The course has good information for new auditors or anyone that wants to be an internal auditor for understanding the standard. The content was very relevant, and the process of assessment required me to really understand the coursework

Nancy Lewis
South Africa

I was very happy to be able to complete the course online. I enjoyed being able to complete the course at my own pace. The support from Punyam Academy team has been great. Thanks!

Edward Anderson
California, USA

A valuable online opportunity to further skills and knowledge. Enrol for ISO/IEC 17025 auditor course, and fills best certified course in minimum cost

John Davis
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Excellent training at Punyam Academy, friendly atmosphere and lovely staff, highly recommended. Voice enable presentation gives me filling like live training, which saves my time.

Jennifer Nelson

Best place to go for ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Internal Auditor training. I have attended classroom training and found them extremely beneficial and enjoyable. Trainers are very understanding and knowledgeable.

Daniel Johnson
Washington, USA

I appeared for ISO 45001 auditor training course. Highlight of this course is good audio visual presentation, study material to download as well as exams to review my knowledge.

Charles Wilson
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Congratulations to Punyam Academy team for providing best knowledge sharing platform online. Achieved ISO 9001 internal auditor certificate, looking forward to enrol next auditor course very soon.

Karen Smith
California, USA

The course more economical compared to classroom training and flexible timings make it more recommendable. Looking forward for more complex courses like PMP, IRCA certified courses etc.

Ajit Patel
Altrafine Gums

I am highly satisfied with your course on food safety management system. Now I am fully aware about FoSTaC requirements and appreciate efforsts of Punyam Academy throughout the training session.

Dr. Bharat Agrawal
Analytical Development Laboratory Torrent Research Center

The training materials given by Punyam Academy experts proved to be very useful in managing our own requirements. We appreciate trainer's knowledge and efforts in delivering good sessions. All the best for upcoming training programs.

Alpesh Patel
Meghmani Industries Limited

I am happy with the certified ISO/IEC 17025:2017 auditor training course at Punyam Academy. Now I am fully aware about ISO/IEC 17025:2017 transition auditing and quality management requirements for testing laboratory.

Shreeyansh Kumar

Thank you Punyam Academy for providing me world class learning at affordable cost. Trainer has very good knowledge about subject. Training environment & facility at training center is exceptional.

Dattatray Sawarbandhe
CEO, Bombaywalla Foods

A great step has been taken by organizing Food Safety Training and Certification (FoSTaC). This knowledge sharing will only bring all the business motive together of common standard, quality and good healthy surrounding. My India is growing - Keep it up Punyam Academy.

Subhashchandra Pathak
Terapanth Foods Limited

Attending FoSTaC training course for food safety management system is awasome experience. Now I am fully aware about food and quality management requirements in food manufacturing organization.

Sachin Patel
Mazda Limited

Attending classroom training at Punyam Academy was a wonderful experience. I got the opportunity to learn FSSAI requirements as FoSTaC training from experienced instructors.

Sajan Peter
Saudi Arabia

I have purchased and successfully completed ISO 9001:2015 certified internal auditor training course. It is Very professional and helpful training program customised to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

John Watson
United Kingdom

Training material was of a high standard. Exams were very goo and made you think.

Billy Croker
United States of America

Very good and through course. Make you really think about somethings and the way you perform an audit.

Irron R Collins
United States of America

Course is very informative, easily understood and provides good understanding of requirements as needed. However could not print my certificate.

Bibi Ruwaydah Soreefan

I loved the course. Just what I needed for my calibration journey. Looking forward to taking more courses at Punyam Academy.

Jose Cabrera
United States of America

The material provided during the course was adequate to provide the required knowledge of ISO 13485:2016 in preparation for each session exam and final exam. Very happy with the course, will recommend it to other colleagues.

Dr. A. K. Gupta

Nicely prepared learning programme , helpful to prepare Quality Manual and accreditation for laboratory.

Trinidad and Tobago

The course was very comprehensive and practical! An indispensable training resource for prospective ISO 45001 lead auditors.

UK Lee
South Korea

It was very helpful to get ISO 14001 auditor qualification, thanks a lot.


Well defined Training Program... Thanks...!!!

Johan Pretorius
South Africa

The course was very comprehensive and practical! every thing is well explained.

Maud Van Looy

The content of the training was very useful to the team, and all of our team members have completed the training successfully.

Shiv Prakash Bhutra

There was a good pace and tone to the training in online E- learning course, which kept it interesting throughout.

Rohit Prajapati

The design of the course, including clarity of presentation, quality of video and audio, session exam are excellent.

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